Mont Tremblant Ski Resort Weather & Snow Report


2°C / 36°F

  • Max : 2°C / 36°F
  • Min : 1°C / 34°F
  • 55%
  • 1.5km/h

Season Total

0 cm / 0 in

19 6°C / 43°F9°C / 48°F73%3.36km/h
20 7°C / 45°F0°C / 32°F100%4.67km/h
21 3°C / 37°F-1°C / 30°F0%4.79km/h
22 2°C / 36°F-5°C / 23°F0%3.4km/h
23 2°C / 36°F-2°C / 28°F0%1.76km/h

Visitors driving from various locations around the region to the resort destination of Mont-Tremblant may find that staying up to date on the local weather can help make your journey safe and complete success. Winter weather advisories may help to avoid troubled road conditions when choosing a departure and arrival time from your home destination. Be sure to use the Tremblant Weather and Snow Report Page during your stay as well, especially during winter months when selecting the proper clothing option for a comfortable day on the slopes and trails.